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Helping you to grow more, with less, naturally.

Who Are We ?

Algas Organics is proud to be the Caribbean’s first indigenous agricultural biotech manufacturing company, founded in 2014 on the beautiful island of St. Lucia. Our core belief is that agricultural inputs (e.g fertilizers, pesticides) should be effective, without harming the users, the environment or the final consumer. As a result, ALL of our products are made from 100% natural sources.

Our Product

The Algas Total Plant Tonic is a 100% natural, Sargassum seaweed based bio-stimulant that significantly improves plant nutrient uptake efficiency through vigorous root development.

The roots are by far the most important part of your plant. Whilst most plant foods focus on the foliage, our focus is to develop strong, deep roots. With increasing global temperatures, prolonged droughts, and the growing threat of climate change, we think that helping plants to dig deeper and improve nutrient and water uptake is crucial.

​With Algas, you can reduce the number of fertilizer applications and plant stress, while boosting growth and yield. Our product can provide up to 30% greater root development than the leading brands!

Feed 9.8 billion people with less land space- Challenge Accepted ! 

The world’s population is projected to reach 9.8 billion people by 2050, whilst 30% of total global lands are degraded. This means that farmers have the challenge of getting their land and crops to produce more, in order to feed us all. This is compounded by the challenge of climate change, with increasing temperatures and reduced rainfall.

We understand these challenges, and our driving force is to:

  • Enhance crop performance and yield 
  • Improve crop resilience to climate change

Whether you have a 1000 acre farm or a backyard garden, we have product solutions to help you grow successfully.


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