Sunbury Harvest (Armag Manufacturing & Farms)

Sunbury Harvest sells Naturally Healthier sweet potato products in two formats – as packaged frozen fries in crinkle cut and straight cut versions. The key product differentiator is that sweet potato fries are healthier than French fries and therefore better for families with children. They contain more Vitamin A and C and have a lower glycaemic index than regular fries. When compared to competitive brands of sweet potato fries, the Sunbury Harvest product is fresher because the time from harvest to retailer is much lower and healthier because production involves a blanched process rather than pre-fried. The sweet potatoes grown in Barbados are known to be naturally sweeter in taste to the varieties grown in North America and therefore Sunbury Harvest Sweet Potato Fries offers a tastier product with out the use of additives or enhancers. Harvest Sweet Potato Fries targets individuals who are interested in healthier alternatives to everyday meals, which are quick and simple to prepare.

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