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The Caribbean Agri-business Association (CABA) is a “for Development not-for profit Company” established by Agri-business stakeholders in CARICOM, to provide a private sector mechanism to facilitate organized, co-ordinated planning and development of regional  programmes and projects in the Agri-business sector in CARICOM.

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CABA Online Directory

The CABA Online Directory is a comprehensive alphabetical listing of all CABA members, with their services, products and contact information. Become a CABA Member today save  30% on Education, Conferences and E-store.


The MY CARIBBEAN SHOP Store is a state-of-art on online store for CABA member’s products. Sellers have individual virtual storefronts with information about their company, range of products and how to contact them.

All products can be purchased online through the e-store using secure payment portals and shipped to customers from our Miami warehouse or one of our numerous satellite facilities across the Caribbean.

Agri Educate

Supported by the world’s largest essential skills learning institution, The International Business Training Association (IBTA), CABA’s online training programme will certify farmers and agro-processors as having achieve two levels of knowledge (basic and advanced) in various aspects of agriculture and agro-processing. After completing programmes, participants will be presented with internationally recognized certificates and will be listed as Certified Farmers/ Agro-processors.

CABA Annual Festivals

CABA’s Agri-Food Fest will be an annual festival, which will be held in a different CABA Member country each year is a regional culinary competition that attracts the participation of both local and regional food enthusiasts to compete for the winning title, all preparing mouth-watering, beautiful dishes centred on an annual “Mystery Crop”.